Sandra Rowell-Connors, RN, MS, ACNP-BC

Sandra Rowell-Connors is an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner who specializes in the adult geriatric patients. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing at Mount Saint Mary’s College, Los Angeles, CA and then completed her Master of Science Degree at Georgetown University. Sandra holds board certification with the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as […]

Dr. Diana Sayadyan

Dr. Sayadyan has been a part of the All For Health family since August, 2005, and was drawn to this organization by Dr. Janoian’s altruistic vision of providing medical coverage for indigents in the community. Her compassion and profound sense of duty could be seen early on in her medical career when she lent countless […]
Kristina Karapetyan, P.A.

Kristina Karapetyan, P.A.

Physician's Assistant

Kristina Karapetyan received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from UCLA and turned her Master’s Degree from the Western University of Health Sciences into a full-time career as a Physician Assistant in 2005. In addition to her impressive academic credentials, Kristina has nearly a decade’s worth of practical and professional experience working at clinics that specialize […]
Nara Sargsian, P.A.

Nara Sargsian, P.A.

Physician's Assistant

Nara Sargsian graduated with a Bachelor’s in Science degree from Saint John’s University in New York and continued her studies into a Physician Assistant program by graduating from it with an honor in 2001 from Saint Vincent Catholic Medical Center School of Allied Health Professions in New York. She has worked in a variety of […]
Therese Abraham, P.A

Therese S. Abraham, P.A.

Physician's Assistant

Therese’s desire to enter the medical field was evident from an early age. As a young girl, she had a profound fascination with the biological sciences and pursued an academic career in the field as a young adult. Therese holds the distinction of having both a Doctorate in the Biological Sciences as well as a […]
Artur Vardanyan, M.D.

Dr. Artur Vardanyan

Medical Doctor

Dr. Vardanyan is a Yerevan State Medical University alumnus, having graduated from that institution in 1997. Upon graduation, Dr. Vardanyan completed his residency in Connecticut, working at various hospitals, most notably as a General Surgery Resident at Yale University. Of all of the providers at AFH, Dr. Vardanyan holds the distinction of being licensed to […]
Liana Poghosyan, M.D.

Dr. Liana Poghosyan

Medical Doctor

“Thorough” and “compassionate” are two words that Dr. Poghosyan’s co-workers would use to describe her; thus, it is no coincidence that such an individual would pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Poghosyan is a graduate of the Yerevan State Medical University, having received her degree in 1995. Soon after graduation, she began working as a […]
Kevork Vorperian, M.D.

Dr. Kevork Vorperian

Medical Doctor

Dr. Kevork Vorperian graduated from Yerevan State Medical Institute in 1972 with a degree specializing in general care and obstetrics and gynecology. In addition to his membership in the Massachusetts Medical Society, Dr. Vorperian boasts an impressive array of memberships in international medical organizations, including a membership in the Ethopian and Armenian Medical Societies. Since […]
Leonardo Garduno, M.D.

Dr. Leonardo Garduno

Medical Doctor

Dr. Garduno completed his medical degree at the University of the East at Quezon City, Philippines in 1968. Upon obtaining his degree, Dr. Garduno received medical training throughout the United States, in places like New Jersey, North Carolina, California and New York, in addition to various cities in the Philippines. He is currently a member […]
Noobar Janoian, M.D.

Dr. Noobar Janoian


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