Liana Poghosyan, M.D.

Dr. Liana Poghosyan

About Dr. Liana Poghosyan

Medical Doctor

“Thorough” and “compassionate” are two words that Dr. Poghosyan’s co-workers would use to describe her; thus, it is no coincidence that such an individual would pursue a career in medicine. Dr. Poghosyan is a graduate of the Yerevan State Medical University, having received her degree in 1995. Soon after graduation, she began working as a doctor in Moscow, Russia at various medical organizations. In addition to practical medical experience, also spent some time working for international humanitarian missions as a coordinator and consultant for the Dutch mission of Doctors without Borders, the French mission of Action against Hunger respectively. Consequently, she holds a license to practice medicine in three countries: Armenia, Russia, and the United States. Dr. Poghosyan has been practicing medicine at the Burbank location when she joined the AFH family in September, 2012.