About Dr. Anaida Melkumian

Dr. Melkumian is California licensed physician, practicing General Medicine. Entering medicine was a natural progression for her to fulfill a desire to care for people with passion, love, and sincerity. She has always felt a particular satisfaction when it comes to helping people. She received her medical degree from Yerevan State Medical University and has been in practice since 2005.

The most important aspect of Dr. Melkumian’s career as a physician, is maintaining a sufficiently holistic view of medicine while avoiding too much compartmentalization. Being an excellent doctor is one who will be able to achieve success through excelling at all aspects of patient care whether it is diagnosis, treatment, emotional care, or interacting with families. Dr.Melkumian views physical, emotional and mental well-being as an intimately connected and vital unity.


Dr. Melkumian fluently speaks English, Armenian and Russian.