About Anush Petrosyan, N.P.

From her early years, Anush Petrosyan was driven by a deep-seated desire to assist others in improving their lives and achieving better health. Known as the caretaker in her family, she embarked on her healthcare journey in 2006, starting as a registered nurse. After dedicating 12 years to nursing, she sought to advance her expertise, leading her to attain a Master’s in Nursing from West Coast University and a Family Nurse Practitioner degree from the University of Western Health Sciences in 2018.


Anush boasts a broad spectrum of experience in diverse medical fields, including the Emergency Department, Infertility, Home Health, and Family Medicine. In 2023, she joined All for Health, motivated by her commitment to enhancing community health and well-being. A fervent advocate for her patients, Anush consistently prioritizes their needs and well-being. Additionally, she is bilingual, speaking Armenian and English fluently, which enhances her ability to connect with and care for a diverse patient population.