AFH’s Mission is to …

… create medical homes that eliminate disparities in access to health care for the underserved multi-ethnic population of Glendale and surrounding areas.”

AFH’s Vision is to …

  • Be the Provider of Choice for the Community!
  • Be the Employer of Choice for Our Staff!
  • Be the System of Choice for Our Medical Staff!

AFH’s Values are …

  • COLLABORATION: We work together cooperatively, recognizing that our combined efforts exceed what we can accomplish individually.
  • CARING: We treat those we serve with concern, kindness, and respect.
  • COMMITMENT: We are dedicated to providing excellence in every aspect of our work.
  • COMMUNITY: We recognize and respect the importance of our community’s health care needs.
  • INNOVATION: We believe that new ideas and timely access to information will lead to better health care.
  • INTEGRITY: We adhere to all regulatory requirements and are committed to a Compliance Program in all aspects of our operations.

The Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is an approach to providing comprehensive primary care for children, youth and adults. The PCMH is a health care setting that facilitates partnerships between individual patients, and their personal physicians, and, when appropriate, the patient’s family.